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Voice in the Wilderness Church of God would like to welcome you to our website. We are honored to have you log on. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our inspiration and our information with you.


Our church serves as a hospital for those who need healing and restoration; as a place of refuge for those who need comfort and consolation; as an environment where the Voice of the Holy Spirit cannot be mistaken; and as a house where the wisdom of God is preached and taught at all times. At ‘Voice,’ prayer precedes our undertaking. There is a myriad of ministry opportunities where you can serve and be served.


Our goal is to glorify God and to win souls for the Kingdom. At Voice in the Wilderness Church of God, we emphasize the transforming truth of God’s word and assist in any way we possibly can. Our services exalt the name of Jesus Christ who has the Lordship over our Church. It is our desire that the Holy Spirit will transform us to the very image of the Son of God.


We belong to the Church of God, an International Body of Believers with Headquarters in Cleveland, Tennessee. There is a place for everyone here. Come and grow with us.



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